if someone were to ask me, what were i excited for 2019? i wouldn’t say “a new season of rick and morty” or GOT, wubba lubba dub dub 😥 , just lost half my friends but oh well.  the thing however i’m excited for would be my admission to waterford.

Soon will unfold new chapters to my life, in those chapters will be pages, pages painted with myriad of colors, “BRIGHT ONES”. an adventure/ a journey to new discoveries , a different insight to the world , new perspectives and a global home.

NOW NOW,,,,,,

Juss imagine getting to spend two years of your life at UWC, nonetheless in south africa and #highlight::: its rich culture.also, trees: here, there, everywhere. Its a rare oppurtunity,

verrrr…-…verrr raree


that only some get to experience and i belong to that cohort of “some”. this eagerness, hormonal rush and me jumping on my bed re-reading my acceptance mail is gonna shorten my life span. saaad saaad

I wish earth spins fast , so january can hurry up. is that how it works?e=m*c^2

This is where My urge to dance in that big green football field of kamhlaba kicks in.


i do hope my roommates play fortnite,and support manchester united…… oemgeee dem huupes.

#shameless plugin== co-years, do add me